West Island
Fairhaven, Massachusetts


West Island is named for one of it's early owners, a man named West. The island juts out into Buzzard's Bay, and is connected to Sconticut Neck by a causeway. Most of the island is owned by the state and is kept as a wildlife preserve. The town owns acres of beach-land, the Fairhaven Town Beach. This is one of the nicest beaches on Buzzard's Bay, with over a mile of beach, and waters warmed by the shallow Buzzard's Bay. It is also an ideal location to watch the sailboats that revel in the famous Buzzard's Bay breeze.


The marshes the are to the north of the town beach

Looking east at the Fairhaven Town Beach

A wonderful beach for a long walk, in any season

A nubble on the Eastern End, low tide




Fairhaven Town Beach, West Island - Looking East, Wintertime

Second World War Lookout tower, Fairhaven Town Beach, West Island, Fairhaven

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