Pairpoint Crystal Company
Cape Cod, Massachusetts




I worked at Pairpoint Glass, named Pairpoint Crystal at the time,  for four years as their glass cutter.

It was interesting to learn the heritage of cut crystal. I learned many of the turn of the century patterns, and after a time found my own style.
I probably developed six or seven standard styles, and also did custom work, such as portraits and commemorative pieces.



Gaffer Robbie Mason

One of the styles I developed while there was a cut crystal frame around diamond scribed image. 
It was the reverse of a pen and ink. Each stroke of the diamond stylus created a white line. 
This actually took a great deal of force to scribe, and during the course of working on an image my index finger 
would go numb from the compression. They were a great deal of work to create, and took weeks to finish each one.
 Similar to a pen and ink, one wrong stroke and the image could be destroyed.




More Engraved Crystal

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