Engraved Crystal by Dana Morris






Engraving was done by holding the vase, and engraving it by pressing the vase against a lathe like spindle with a spinning stone on the end. The stones varied in shape and texture. V shaped stones made sharp cuts, such as the vive above. Round shaped stones allowed forms to be created, such as the leaves, which were then gone over again with a v shaped stone to create the linear quality. Round stones also created the berries. Water flowed over the stones as they spun, and there was control of the speed of the stones as well. Different textured stones needed different speeds.



And, every once in a while one of my pieces goes up for sale on ebay. This one caught me by surprise, with a pre-auction estimate of $1,200.00, and a sale price of $ 800.00

Signed Pairpoint blown crystal vase w/bubble roses.

Engraved piece on eBay

More images of engraved crystal

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