Tijauna, Mexico



So I had a day off while I was in San Diego, and took a tour of the city. The afternoon was a trip to Tijuana Mexico! Our bus driver coached us very well, to stay on Revolution, do not stray from the street with the painted red line on the sidewalk. We were assured that we were perfectly safe, as long as we stayed on Revolution! I have to say, I have walked the streets of Caracas with machine gun toting guards on the street corners, and thieves behind the back of my head, I've worked my way through the crowded streets of Mexico City, but this bus driver had my attention. 

Tijuana, or what I saw of it was a nice tourist spot, with restaurants, bars, lots of tacky shops, and a drug store on every corner selling anything you can imagine. Well, we had lunch, walked up the street, and at the very top I saw a church. The guys had joked that if a saw a church not to wander off, I could end up in jail, so, here we are, my photo of the church in the distance....



It was quite an experience, I ended up not buying a thing, but had a nice day in the sun, 
and got to see a spot of the world I would not ordinarily have seen. All in all a nice day.


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