Spring Training in DodgerTown, Vero Beach 2008


The opening day of spring training baseball, February 28th, 2008.

Got to see Derek Lowe, Nomar and Joe Torre's first public view in a Dodger's uniform.






Some funny things on this opening day, the Dodger's have a team member named Hu. He went to bunt at his at bat, and the ball went sailing right over his head. A short time later he did get on first, to be followed by the audience all screaming, Hu's on First!

Of course that will lead to loads of Hu's on First calls throughout the season....



The bases were packed, when the guy on second, Matt Kemp, RF # 27 made a break for third. He ran his heart out, and slid a good ten feet...right into 1st baseman James Loney who was standing on third, and the third base coach Larry Bowa, who was holding him there. The funniest part was after I took the shots, to see the man in the foreground with his hands up in the air for the whole time it took the baseman to run from second to third.

Tag you are out!

Great way to start the 2008 season!



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