Washington D.C.

The Lincoln Memorial





The first time I visited Washington D.C. I was absolutely amazed at how many monuments and museums there were. Also how low the city was, no sky scrapers. It is a beautiful city of great power. The business people still dress in suits and ties. There is a sense of power in walking the streets, military in full dress mingle at the stop lights with 
businessmen and tourists. 



The Lincoln Memorial is a sobering monument. So much history, so much hope and promise. The first time there was at twilight. As the sun illuminated the fading sky and the lights of the monument outlined President Lincoln from afar, there was a silence amongst the people who climbed the stairs.

Later I approached the Vietnam monument in the dark, the people walked along the sloped walkway, shadowy figures against the slab of names. Silent, touching the monument at times, looking for the name of a loved one, speaking  in hushed tones. Starting at the beginning of the war, and tracing the list of deceased to the end of the war feels to be a journey, an odyssey of sorts. It was an emotional journey that I was not prepared for. The monument was a work of inspired genius.



The Capitol

The National Cathedral



The National Cathedral is a bit out of town, not easy to get to unless you have a friend with a car. It is also very worth getting to. It is our nation's cathedral. It was built on public donations, and is truly a magnificent structure.




Arlington National Cemetery



Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


President Kennedy's Grave


The National Zoo






Mount Vernon
Home of George Washington







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