The Rocky Mountains of Colorado





We had rented an SUV, and headed out from Denver to climb through the Rockies.
It was a spring day, warm and clear. As we climbed the the snow began to build. By the time we were an hour out, the snow was feet deep, and we found ourselves on a twisting trail that slowly brought us to the top of the ridge.

At the top we found two servicemen who had tried to back up their vehicle...the rear wheel went off the edge, so that the car was precariously disabled. We drove down the mountain, to the next town, to find help. There was none. We returned with a rope and a flashlight, in the pitch dark and cold that no one had dressed for. It was a very solitary experience.

We managed to get the guys car back on all four wheels, and headed back to Denver, six hours later than planned.

On the way back we stopped and got out, to see a sky like none I had ever seen. The stars were the brightest I'd ever known, the Milky Way was brilliant. A visual that a photograph could never capture, but one I will never forget.        travels