Dana Morris 2000 Christmas Card:
Christmas Tree in the Square, 
San Frediano,
Lucca Italy


San Frediano was one of those sights. I was with Marjorie Werner and Fosco Picchi in Lucca Italy. Cheryl Jess and I had traveled there to visit my old high school art teachers. Fosco was giving us a tour of this incredibly beautiful medieval town, when we turned down an alley way, which opened up on a courtyard. In the center of the steps to the church was a simply decorated Christmas tree, caught just as the fading afternoon light skimmed out of site. It was an image that a minute later was gone. Powerful and stately, this is my Christmas image from my month in Italy, which was capped of by the celebration of the year 2000 in downtown Rome. A memorable way to bring in the new millenia.


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