Dana Morris Christmas card 1999: The Saltmarsh, Little Bay, Fairhaven, Massachusetts


This is my second winter landscape from Little Bay in Fairhaven. The cedars and seagrass are typical of this coastal region. In the winter there are many birds still about, but mostly land birds such as sparrows and chickadees. Gone are the seagulls, osprey and oystercatcher who search for food in this harbor during the summer. In the winter you will find Bufflehead ducks who come down from the north to winter over. In recent years we have also seen seals, which is amazing, since there is no easy access from Buzzards Bay to the northern waters they frequent. I saw one once swimming through the Cape Cod canal, so I know they do it. 

This drawing continues in the stipple pen and ink style that I have developed. The stipple style gives me great control of the grays, and also allows me the ability to create a variety of intricate textures.


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