Dana Morris 1997 Christmas Card: Shipyard Park, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts


This Christmas card was of Mattapoisett's Shipyard Park. I caught an image of the park the day of a snowfall, with heavy laden clouds and snow. This image is as the storm begins to break, with the sky clearing. Shipyard Park was originally the location of a boat yard, where whaling ships were built. At the turn of the century a group of local citizens purchased the land and donated it to the town for the purpose of creating a park. Atop the gazebo sits a wind vane in the shape of a whale, recalling the town's seagoing heritage. It is now a location where people stroll the waterfront, watching the parade of boats in the summer. In winter it is a bit more deserted, but beautiful in its quite. Winter sticks dot the harbor, as memories of summer past. The Christmas tree is lit, and stands sentinel to the harbor. 



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