Dana Morris 1996 Christmas Card: A winter's field, Walpole, New Hampshire

This is my final card from my time in New Hampshire. By the time it was published I was back to work in Massachusetts. It took me until the spring to move back to my home state. This was inspired by a drive through Walpole, New Hampshire. The town is quaint, with rolling hills and stunning vistas. I had friends there, and had a day off. A big snowstorm had hit the day before, so I was relying on four good snow tires to navigate through the snow packed streets. I pulled off the road to have a look, and there in the middle of a field were two fir trees, covered in snow. The remains of the winter storm were still in the air, with storm clouds scooting by. This card was actually triple panelled, so that it opened. The first image was daylight, the next panel a night scene. The evening reveals Venus as bright as a spotlight next to a rising quarter moon. I tried to accentuate the beauty of an illuminated partial moon, which was the view of the evening sky on Christmas eve of that year.


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