Dana Morris 1992 Christmas Card: 
The Harrop Center, Fairhaven Unitarian Memorial Church, 
Fairhaven, Massachusetts

This image is of a Christmas tree in the Harrop Center. This building was once the home of the minister for the Fairhaven Memorial Unitarian Church. It is an old home, built at the turn of the century, and is beatifully done in English oak, quarter sawn and carved in intricate detail along the stairway and bannister. The light comes from the open door of another room, illuminating the tree and casting shadows across the stairway. The reflection in the floor provides depth to the image. Of note is the framing of the picture, which is illustrated from the wood parquet in the floor. This intricate design winds its way around the edges of the floor. This is one of my favorite early drawings. I spent many hours in this home, it is a building of incredible elegance and beauty. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate the original since my move from Fairhaven to Keene so many years ago.




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