1989 Christmas Card: A Whaling Captain's Home in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Whaling Captain's Home, New Bedford, Massachusetts 1988
This was my first Christmas Card pen and ink illustration. I had
graduated from college some ten years earlier, but career challenges had
kept me from being able to paint. Christmas was and is a very special
time of year for me. The holiday celebrations and the decorations have
always inspired me.
For many years there was a glass museum in New Bedford, and each year
they hosted a holiday tour of the mansions in New Bedford, that is how I
was how I was able to capture this image.
This particular drawing is of a Whaling Captain's home in New Bedford, decorated for the holiday
season. I'm very pleased with this illustration, the use of perspective
on the stairs adds a great deal to the composition. There are
lights reflected in the windows, and beautiful large glass decorations
on the tree. There is a stillness to this first pen and ink.



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