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On one of the trips to Bjørnholmmene everyone loaded into the boats and headed home, only to realize an hour later that Pio had been left behind.

Jørn and I ran back, and there was Pio on the point of rock where the boat had been tied off. Jorn wanted him to swim to the boat, but Pio would have none of that, and insisted that Jørn come get him, which he did. I grabbed him from the boat, and he promptly went below decks, where he curled up in the life jackets. He was quite upset, and talked to Jorn the whole way home.







Late night fishing for Sei




The next time we went out to Bjørnholmmene Pio was taking no chances, 
and swam after Jørn as he brought the first group of people back to Tilrem...


My Buddy

My Pal




This was a wonderful trip. Jørn and Randi had the week off, so we spent the entire time at Tilrem. Lots of family everywhere.

Jørn and Randi's daughter Hanna Julie is now married to Sindre. They have two boys, Torvin and Sivert

Sivert, Hanna Julie's youngest son was just speaking, and learned a lot of English:


He would say these spontaneously, and was quite funny coming around the corner one morning saying Yesssss.

I also spent time with Ole Bjørn and his girlfriend Marita. Ole Bjørn spent a lot of late nights water boarding around the harbor.

Jørn's sister Tove was also there, with her husband Svien.

Also, we had a visit by Jarle, the Mayor of Tilrem, who did not speak English. Randi made it more comfortable for both Jarle and I by translating my English into English with a Norwegian accent for Jarle. For some reason he looked confused!


Norway, Summer of 2007

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