Cape Dory 26 Hull #7
   Owner: Dana Morris

I lay on the bowsprit, facing astern, with the waves foaming into spume under me, 
the masts with every sail white in the moonlight, towering high above me.

I became drunk with the beauty and singing rhythm of it, and for a moment I lost myself-actually lost my life.

I was set free!

I dissolved in the sea, became white sails and flying spray,
became beauty and rhythm, became moonlight and the ship and the high dim-starred sky!

I belonged, without past or future, within peace and unity and a wild joy, within something greater than my own life, 
or the life of Man, to Life itself!

To God, if you want to put it that way.

- Eugene O'Neill, Long Day's Journey into Night (taken from True Compass)





Yuletide is a Cape Dory 26, built and delivered in December of 1985. She is hull number seven. I purchased this full keeled vessel directly from Cape Dory, and actually was able to watch her be built. She was delivered from the boatbuilder in Taunton Mass the week before Christmas, with a big bow and Merry Christmas stenciled on her stern.

She was launched in the spring of 1986. I have owned her ever since.

I have sailed through all kinds of conditions with her, from 28 knots at the top end, to a still half a knot, she has proven very seaworthy, and a dependable vessel for Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound. 






Yuletide moored in Lake Tashmoo, Vineyard Haven










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