The Nantucket


SS Nobska


This is the image I remember of Nantucket when I worked on the Nobska in 1971. The harbor was empty compared to today, and the old series of buildings still occupied the Steamship dock. Much of it open, it was meant to easily store goods coming and going from the mainland.

I spent much of that summer on the island, and truly fell in love with the twists and turn of the antique streets. We would arrive in port after sunset, so my evening walks were in the dark warmth of a summer evening.








Today, one of the only places left for bay scallops is Nantucket. What was once plentiful in every harbor along the Cape, has now become a very expensive and very scarce delicacy. In the middle of the winter I will see a shipment in from Nantucket. They were over $25 a pound this past winter.

I used to buy an entire sack for the same amount.    Travels