Climbing back out of the lake town of Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, we passed through a number of small Mayan towns. As we navigated the congested streets I happened to grab this shot out the car window. A young girl waits for a bus on the side of the street. Barefoot and brilliantly clothed, she epitomizes the many Mayan children seen on the streets.

Many of my favorite photos were taken on this trip.



A roadside vegetable stand



Lake Atitlan



Church at Santiago Atitlan




A boat trip across Lake Atitlan delivered us to a remote town across the lake, and up an estuary. The boat itself was a small affair, with marginal freeboard. A good storm would have swamped and put her under in no time. 

Fisherman could be seen in small boats, with a host of very small craft tied up to the dock we arrived at. Time was short for the visit, this was the last trip of the day, with little time to tour. We made it up the mountainside, past many handcraft shops, and into the town square, where the church was revealed. Entering the church, we were greeted by the same mixture of Catholicism and Mayan faith. This church was plain, but had a beauty in it's simplicity. A deep sense of spirituality was present. On a wall was a photograph of an American Catholic priest. The text below explained that he had been murdered while conducting service back in the civil wars. The stigma of those wars was hard to find during our visit, but chilling when discovered.


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