Images of London England



Big Ben and Saint Martin in the Fields

I had a number of days free before I had to go to work in London. I spent much of that time searching for unique Christmas gifts, and visiting many churches and buildings. Saint Martin in the Fields was especially impressive. A stone structure, it looked so much like every church steeple in every town in New England. Christopher Wren in stone. It was an especially impressive church, right in the center of the city.


How could I not grab a shot of a phone booth?

A closed pub down the street from the hotel. There were a number oflocal pubs near the hotel, all with great crowds of locals, and food that was just fantastic. My first taste of bangers and mash....great stuff!

I was there to see the British Rugby team win the world championship, and revelled in their early morning celebrations (the final game had been played in New Zealand, so was almost 12 hours apart from the local time)    Travels