Fairhaven Memorial Church: An Overview

The Fairhaven Unitarian Memorial Church was built at the turn of the century by the generosity of Henry Huttleston Rogers. The corner stone was laid in August of 1901, with Mark Twain present to commemorate the ceremony. Artisans from Italy carved intricate stonework, woodworkers from Bavaria carved the English oak into beautiful forms. Impressionist Robert Reid created the stained glass windows, perhaps the culmination of his creative work. Charles Brigham, a noted architect of the time, designed the magnificent structure.


Beyond the marvels of the physical structure is a living congregation. For over a century people have gathered weekly to pause and reflect, to grieve and rejoice. The sanctuary has been the site of celebrations and farewells, happiness and struggle. It is a community that has seen wars and peace, good times and bad, but remains, as always a community of worshipers who question and search for something more.



Fairhaven Memorial Church    
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