The Old Church on Washington Street










The old Unitarian Church on Washington Street was remodeled by Mr. Rogers to accommodate the lower grades from the overcrowded Rogers' School. It is of interest to note here that when the Rogers' School was being built, someone remarked to the donor that he was "crazy to build so large a schoolhouse in Fairhaven." But it was another instance of his remarkable foresight.

The Unitarian Society moved from the old church and worshipped for some time in Phoenix Hall until the parish house was finished. The congregation then worshipped in the parish house until the church was ready.

Work was begun on the buildings of the Unitarian Society of Fairhaven during the month of April 1901 and the corner stone was laid on August 5, 1901.

Among some of the articles placed in the copper box (and rests in the East corner of the turret which forms the northeast corner of the tower) are photos of the old church and of all the pastors - also a schedule of architects and those in charge of construction of the new church.



Exterior Views of the New Church

Interior Views of the New Church

Views of the original Church on Washington Street.

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