Fairhaven Memorial Church

Built approximately 100 years ago by Henry Huttleston Rogers, 
this granite monument replaced the existing wooden church, located just down the street. 
Stone masons, Wood Carvers and Stained Glass artists all exhibited the height of their talents in this turn of the century Gothic cathedral.

More than simply a monument, the Unitarian Church is a congregation of diverse people 
from the Southeastern Massachusetts area. 
There is a active church school, which is housed in a tudor mansion on
the grounds of the church.

There is an active choir, and song is an important part of the church.

I have been a member now for almost 20 years. 
The congregation has changed quite a bit, with people coming and going. 
The spiritual environment that first drew me to the church is still intact, and a welcome break each Sunday morning for me.





We join in a common quest 

For the discovery of life's deeper meaning,

For the enduring strength of hope.

For the inspiration of joy and laughter,

For the mind's illumination by the torch of wisdom,

For hearts warmed by the mysteries of love,

For souls enriched by the window of the living spirit.


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