Holiday Greetings for 2001!

This has been quite a year for me. The work at OMG
has kept me busy and challenged.
It is an exciting and rewarding job.

This has also been a year of adjustment and chaos. The carpenters finished the last items on the house the first week in December. I stopped counting but it was way over a year. I am settling in, and beginning to really enjoy the cottage. The views are breathtaking. Now if I can just get all the boxes up into the attic. Below is my first Christmas tree in the new house. I had a tree trimming party, where many friends helped me to decorate it by stringing popcorn. It was a wonderful way to inaugurate the addition and a delight to have so many friends visit.

This year I was able to spend a couple weeks in Paris and a long week in Dublin. That is a very nice aspect of my job. I also traveled to Toronto, California, and Danvers Mass! 

Although the boat went in very early this year (the week before June!) I did not get a lot of sailing in. A couple nice trips to Hadleys Harbor, an afternoon swimming off the Weepeckets. Caught two bluefish the entire season.

This past summer I adopted Max, my new Boston Terrier. He was a rescue from the Kansas Puppy Mills. Once I got Max I realized he really needed company, and was thinking of another Boston, when I received an email from the rescue association. They included this photo of Katie, a tiny eight pound dog of three years. I picked her up on the day after Thanksgiving. They are having a wonderful time tearing around the house. I had no idea how much more work two are than one. 


Obviously we have all been affected by September 11th. I was in Toronto, and saw for two days the airport shut tight, with security vehicles patrolling the runways the only activity. Not a plane in the sky. It was eerie to see the patrol vehicles in the depths of the night, the only thing that moved. We eventually drove home to Boston, and I picked up my car at the garage in Logan that night. Two weeks later I was in New York City.  I saw the faces of the New Yorkers,  it was a sobering thing, and helped me to comprehend just how terrible this event was for so very very many. Their city had been bombed, and would never be the same.

This year was the first time in thirteen years that I almost did not send a Christmas card out. I had started on a drawing last winter, and had gotten little done on it. By October I realized that I had not enough time to finish it. I was mulling over what it would be like to not send out a card, when in early November I found a drawing I had started in 1989. It was of the interior of a house, complete with a tree next to a piano. It was from one of the very old mansions in New Bedford, although I have no idea which one. Anyway, I finished it, and found the very appropriate verses of an old Christmas carol by Longfellow. In researching the poem turned carol I learned of the incredible circumstances under which he had written it. It all came together and seemed very appropriate for this year and this time.

My best wishes for the holiday season. 

 Peace on Earth 


Dana Morris
243 Sconticut Neck Road,
Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Christmas Bells Poem 

Christchurch Dublin

Yuletide in Dublin