Fort Phoenix, guarding the entrance to the port.


The skyline as viewed from across the harbor

Beetle Cat on Nasketucket Bay, Fairhaven



The cantankerous Swing Bridge connecting Fairhaven to New Bedford

 Fairhaven is a waterfront town, with one shore facing one of the busier fishing ports in the country, 
the other shore facing a pristine waterfront with no development. 
Fairhaven is blessed with a great deal of undeveloped land by the shore. Vast vistas of tree lines and beach. 
Most of Little Bay and a large portion of West Island are sanctuary. 
I have had the pleasure to be a Fairhaven resident for thirty some odd years now, and have loved the waters of Buzzards Bay, and the town which feels so much like home.



Joshua Slocum and John Cooke memorials


The town is also host to a beautiful center, which boasts many civic buildings from the turn of the century. 
These magnificent buildings were constructed by Henry Huttleston Rogers at the turn of the century.



Visit Fairhaven Center        Sconticut Neck & West Island

The view from the deck

Fort Pheonix

Fairhaven Past

The cottage on the neck    Sconticut Neck and West Island

The Fairhaven UU Memorial Church

    Fairhaven Holiday Decorations 2006

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