Cuttyhunk lies at the far southwestern end of the Elizabeth Island chain. 
It is a small island with a large and deep harbor. When I was younger deer would roam the island , 
and there was a windmill on the top of the hill. The hill is still there, but the deer and windmill are gone. 
Many visitors still climb the hill, for the spectacular view, a panorama from Gay Head to Newport to the Cape.

A ferry runs from New Bedford, but most visitors arrive by pleasure boat. 
Because it is a small island, there are always a story or two about the colorful  inhabitants.

The fleet being towed back to shore...


The town



The Church


Cuttyhunk Church Windvane


Cuttyhunk Church

There is a single church in town, used for a variety of purposes. Cuttyhunk is a dry island, although stories abound of deliveries by the ferry Alert of grocery bags from the mainland, liquor packed below the groceries.

Morning fog over the harbor

Sunset over the harbor


Coast Guard Station

Entrance to the harbor

Years ago Norman Gingrass flew his seaplane in and out of Cuttyhunk. He was an incredibly skilled pilot, and would use the harbor entrance as his runway. Many a novice to Norman's antics would stare in horror as he bore down the channel, just clearing an approaching yacht's mast.

A Hinkley

The New Cuttyhunk Ferry



This is an image from the 70's. The bouy is no longer there, nor is the windmill on the hill.


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