Cotuit is a wonderful harbor that is on Nantucket Sound. It is a deep harbor with a very shallow entrance, sandbars everywhere. I kept my sailboat there for a number of years back in the early 80's, when you could just ask Peck's boats for a mooring, and park your car wherever. The sailing was great, but needed constant attention to navigation. Sandbars were everywhere, and grounding out was fairly common (at least it was with my six foot keel). It was a social place, where I always picked up spare crew to sail with. One of my favorite pastimes was to sit at the mooring and watch the Mosquito Yacht Club races. Populated and ruled by children, it is a special yacht club that raced a variety of small boats in the harbor. The Wianno Seniors (as pictured above) were also raced, and it was always a thrill to see them on the horizon as I cleared the harbor.











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