The Cottage on the Neck


The cottage on the Neck has been in my family since my Grandmother bought it in 1952. Back then it was a small cottage, and she was quite proud of it. I remember summer visits, the beach across the street, and the neighborhood, including her close friends Jimmy and Angie Maderios. Back then most of the families in the neighborhood had been there for a number of generations, and so people knew the parents, grandparents, and the children of those in the area.


In 1982 the house was lifted and put on an elevated foundation, so that storm waters could wash under the house. In 1954 Hurrican Carol surprised my Grandmother with a flood that sent water four feet into the house. Years later when I renovated I discovered the old water mark on the wall board behind the shower, the only original wall that was not removed after the hurricane. I grew up on stories of this hurricane, and knew that another time would come when the flood waters would come back.


The house was renovated a few times, but the serious renovation was  after the sewer line was put in, in 2001.











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